My absolute favorite thing about my boyfriend is that he doesn’t give up on me. I could be in the most awful mood, extremely frustrated, rude, stressed, or hurt and he still puts up with me without snapping at me or arguing back. And even when I’m so angry and I do not want him any where near me he’ll ask if I want him to leave. My usual answer is I don’t care. This is where he pauses and just sort of observes me I think to figure out if the anger/frustration is really directed at him.. Then he just grabs me, holds me, then squeezes me tighter until I relax or breakdown in tears from all that I’m feeling. He kisses me on the forehead and will lie with me until I fall asleep.
And I can’t be anymore appreciative of having met such an amazing guy that doesn’t just walk away and give up when things are not the best.

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